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The Project
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What are Glorious Stages?
"Glorious Stages" is a term I am using to describe -
  • Amazing
  • Outstanding
  • Sacred
  • Unique
  • and Beautiful Landmarks
These Landmarks can be natural or man made.
When I look at these Landmarks, I see “Glorious Stages”.
Naturally I want to perform on these stages, not only perform; I want to merge my own creative
expression with the essence and creativity of the particular environment.
I select these "Glorious Stages" for there own unique and artistic expression.
These are the basic components for my latest video project named of course
“Glorious Stages Performing on a Vortex”.
Please watch the trailer, it will speak for itself.
To view additional video clips visit:   www.youtube.com/user/dreamtimefrequencies

What is it About?
What is the deeper Meaning of the Project?
Glorious Stages Is all about the interaction between inspiring environments and creative artistic
In the “Glorious Stages” Performing on a Vortex Video Project!  
  • I bring Entertainment, Balance, Healing, and Gratitude to the Earth.
  • I Study, Give Back, Celebrate, Go Within.
  • I Build the Bridge between the Ancient and the Modern.
  • Between Heaven and Earth.
  • On my Journey I Encounter and Share Things that are Pure Wonder.
  • I am an Artist practicing the Healing Arts.
  • I am a Medium Explaining the Mystery behind the Ordinary Perception.
  • I am a Soul in a Human Body.
This dynamic becomes alive in “Glorious Stages”!  
My vision is to create Healthy and Organic Entertainment that is providing Educational &
Enjoyable Value.

I Enjoy Sharing this passion with Others.
Since it can be difficult to bring an audience to some of these remote located "Glorious Stages",
it is the video camera that takes on the role of the audience. "Glorious Stages" is part reality
show & part documentary, performed in a healthy and organic environment.  

"Glorious Stages" is featuring -
  • Story Telling
  • Musical Performance
  • other Artistic Expression

Who is the director?
Who is Taka?
Taka, is an Independent Multimedia Artist.
So far I have been Capturing, Editing, Performing, and Producing my own Talents & Creativity.
I am Dedicated
I am Driven when it comes to my Passion.
I have a Vision and plenty of Imagination, which of course is essential for any
creative  process.

What is needed?
Funding, Funding, Funding,

Travel expenses to places I still want to Integrate into the project.
Additional and better recording equipment.
Ideally I would like to capture and edit the whole project with HD equipment.
Time, so I can keep on recording.
Professional Feedback/Suggestions is appreciated as well.
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This is the introduction page to my latest
Video Project.
"Glorious Stages - Performing on a Vortex"  
A Project in the creation process.
To Learn more about the "Glorious Stages" Project
please read below & watch the Video Trailer. → → →
If you like what you are see, join the Project.
Funds are desperately needed and particular skills
maybe helpful too.
All Supporters become part of the "Glorious Stages"
team and will receive rewards.
Details about Rewards are listed at the bottom of this
web page.
  • I cannot to it all by myself.
  • I have the idea and basic structure.
  • I already invested a lot of time, resources, and commitment into this project.
  • I need additional Resources to finish it on time.
  • Making any kind of recording or video/movie isn't cheap. When you pledge funds to my
    project, you become part of the creative process!
  • We are a team; together we have the potential to create something different, something
    new, and something that has the potential to grow and expand.
  • The exciting part is, that all possibilities are open!
  • It is not only the project it self that is exciting to me; it is also the part of keeping it
    interactive & connecting with all of my supporters that is exciting!

How do I find out more about the project?
Visit the links listed below.
Website:                               www.dreamtimefrequencies.com
Glorious Stages Trailer:       www.dreamtimefrequencies.com/GloriousStages.html
Youtube Channel:                http://www.youtube.com/user/dreamtimefrequencies
Facebook:                            http://www.facebook.com/people/Taka-Chi/1264219247

What kinds of instruments are used?
Primarily, I use instruments that have a long, ancient, and deep-rooted history with the Earth
itself like drums, gongs, etc. I specialize in Wind instruments like, Didgeridoos & Flutes, etc. I will
keep this part general and keep some surprises for you that will be revealed with the finished

How do I contribute?
On the Rewards for Contributors section on this page, select the category that suits you.

By Credit Card:
Click on Paypal button and follow the check out procedure.

By Check or Money order:
Please make your check or money order payable to DREAMTIMEFREQUENCIES
P.O. BOX 72491
Phoneix AZ 85050

If I donate, when do I get my incentive?
In a time frame from 1 week to 4 weeks you will be notified about the status of your
In general physical items may take longer while digital items are faster

I want to be a silent anonymous contributor.
No Problem just let me know.

When will the movie be completed?
With all your support and the information that is presented to me, I am aiming for
Funding is the critical issue.

What if I don't want the incentive? I just want to
Of course whatever you choose, your support is always appreciated!

I am not in the US, can I still support you?
YES! All you need is a credit card.

If you have specific questions feel free to contact me.
I hope you join me on the “Glorious Stages” project.
Thank you.
My Wife
Linda Dillon
The Divine Mystery
God Essence
Additional Contributors
prefer to stay
Elaine Simmons
Marianne Baer
Dr. Bara H. Loveland
By Networking
Giving the project additional exposure.

Become a Sponsor
Reserve your space on the actual movie credits.

By Investing
Contact me lets talk about creative solutions.

By Co-Creating
If you have skills and or experience in the field contact me.

By Contributing
If you resonate with the project and you want to
contribute unconditionally from your heart.
You will receive my gratitude in form of Prayers.

For additional questions please use the
contact user-form

Become Sponsor & Co Producer.
Reserve space for your information on the movie producer credits.
Your name and or Business Information can be featured on the following
locations on  actual movie .
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